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Project News:

Plans on DevIM V2.0

Well after many emails and other hints I am going to create a version of DevIM which will have a GUI. Many people seemed to have trouble with the current version of DevIM and here at Dkp Enterprise we are all about the easiest end-user experience. Currently I am developing a version of DevIM which will be called DevIM 2.0 in Java. Graphical User Interface's are easier to do in Java then in C++ I feel so for the next release you will need a working version of the Java Virtual Machine. If you have any comments or concerns please email me.

Posted by Dev on Tuesday, June 4 2002 4:32:43 PM

DevIM Mailing List Up

Finally got the official DevIM mailing list up and working. If you would like to subscribe to it then Click Here. This is a great mailing list to join to. This way me the developer can stay in touch with you the end-user with an informative comprehensive mailing list which is fully customizable for the subscriber. If you have joined the mailing list and need any further info. on how to operate the mailing list you can email Mail Bot with the subject of 'help'. If you have any questions or suggestions you know what to do just drop me an email.

Posted by Dev on Monday, May 27 2002 7:43:24 PM

DevIM 1.023 Released

Finally, DevIM has been released. This is very exciting for the development of DevIM. If there are any bugs that you notice please report them by clicking the appropriate link on the left. The Install File is a .msi. We decided to change from the SuperPIMP installer to the Microsoft Installer. It seems more user friendly and more robust. Please post any comments on the project forums or and other matters. I will release the project Documentation on Tuesday. Enjoy!

Posted by Dev on Thursday, May 23 2002 9:06:21 PM

DevIM Requirements:

The installation of DevIM requires the Microsoft Windows Installer, downloadable from Here. The Windows Installer is usually included with all versions of Windows later than Windows ME, and it is installed by some other products, such as Office 2000 and later.


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